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Author Adam Decker

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The Janitor

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Unlocked Tomb


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This story is an action-packed thriller, filled with high conflict, graphic violence, sexual content, and adult language.  It is not for the faint of heart.  Read at your own risk!


What's it about?

     Roman Swivel is a seemingly meek and mild mannered transfer student that joins the ranks of Collingston High School's senior class and works as a student janitor. Roman immediately finds himself on the radar of the school's big man on campus and is ridiculed by his sheep-like classmates.  Appearances can be deceiving, however.  For beneath the surface, Roman is a gifted genius with unbelievable talents and a haunted past wrought with violence and tragedy.  Hounded by his former mentor Agent Johnson, and a shadowy government agency known only as the NN, Roman seeks refuge and normalcy in this peaceful Midwestern town, where he'll unexpectedly find friendship, love, and belonging.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to our hero, his choice of towns will also set him on a deadly collision course with its seedy underbelly, the demons of his own past, and ultimately his own fate.

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Free Chapters 

Chapter 1 Lunch Geek 

Chapter 2 Family Reunion 

Chapter 3 Mickey Mantle and Carl's Green Goop 

Chapter 4 Homecoming Torture and the Lady in Red 

Chapter 5 Fishing with the Human Calculator 

Chapter 6 Halloween in the Hollow

Chapter 7 Roman's Story: Dark Days, Agent Johnson, and the NN

Chapter 8 Roman's Story Continued: "The Stunt with the Trains"

Chapter 9 Found and Broken Spirits

Chapter 10 Yin and Yang at the Tavern

Chapter 11 The Spark of Life

Chapter 12 The Flower

Chapter 13  Extravaganza

Chapter 14 Degrees of Women

Chapter 15 Dinner at Carl's

Chapter 16 Mop for Mitt

Chapter 17 The Smell of Spring

Chapter 18 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Chapter 19 Missing

Chapter 20 The Wind in our Face



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 features The Janitor, a free online novel that has unprecedented success offered for free online.  Being viewed by thousands of people in more than fifty countries the Janitor is one of the best online novels available.  The Janitor will be available in hard copy in early 2007.  A good portion will still stay online for free.  Other works by Adam Decker include Feel No Pain (a novel in progress), Unlocked Tomb (a short story),  and (poetry).


Roman Swivel works as a part time janitor to stay hidden; to keep his mind and his extraordinary abilities buried, to stay dead to Agent Johnson and the rest of government, to be an ordinary teenager.
Sometimes being ordinary is impossible.


I work as a janitor part time at the high school I attend. I scrub toilets not for just a job, but for a hiding place from Agent Johnson and the government. They want me to help them. I do things with my mind and body that border on the impossible. I can divide very large numbers quicker than a calculator. I can also throw a baseball ninety plus miles an hour. I would rather just stay a janitor.
I accidentally shot and killed my father when I was thirteen. I was actually aiming at the man that raped and killed my mother. He ran away into the night, never to be found.
Foster care is an oxymoron. I have the scars to prove it. Agent Johnson rescued me from that two-year hell. He had me trained in the art of war and used my mind to defeat our countryís enemies. Innocent people died because of me so I decided to quit. Agent Johnson is still out there somewhere looking for me, waiting for my powers to expose my whereabouts. I continue to be a janitor.
I felt the blood flow in my veins for the first time in years at the sight of her. She is the most beautiful and kind person Iíve ever met. I am in love with Heather Hawthorne. Her boyfriend will not rest until he has destroyed me both mentally and physically. I saved him from drowning in the lake.
Tony Falcone is my best and only friend. All because he decided to sit with me at lunch one day instead of knocking my tray off the table. Tony cusses a lot. He cares only about himself. He is still my friend.
My neighbor Carl thinks aliens are after him. He stings himself with bees daily for medicinal purposes. He drinks beer by the gallon. He keeps the company of prostitutes. He is in his seventies. He is the one who reminded me that sometimes you have to just stand and fight, especially for something you believe in. I have decided to take his advice.
My name is Roman Swivel. I am a janitor. This is my story.