This is from the opening scene of Feel no Pain.  Let me know what you think!


Tom Broxton woke up handcuffed to a dead guy.  Not quite the ordinary happening even for a man like Tom.  The dead man’s suit was covered with dark brown blotches, stains that were once red and wet but now dry and crusty.  So crusty in fact that when Tom stood up and tugged on the cuff, the man’s backside refused to unstick from the floor, resulting in a rough tearing sound, like the world’s toughest Velcro being pulled apart.

Tom was strong though—stronger than most—and the red glue proved to be no match.  The dead man ripped from the hardwood floor, leaving several shreds of suit coat and behind him.  He slid across the polished brown surface with one hand up, giving no fight to his captor, not so much as friction.

Tom Broxton had blemishes of his own.  In the last twenty-four hours he had been shot, stabbed, beaten with a two by four, electrocuted, and maced.  The media had called him such things as a mad man, a terrorist, and even a serial killer, probably because he killed seven people and injured close to a hundred in the last day.

Tom looked down at the hand locked to his, and then at the body of the dead man hanging to the floor.  He pulled at the metal cuff with his free hand, trying to break the chain between them.  And although he had broken cuffs before with his bare hands this pare seemed to be more resilient.  Tom looked around the room briefly and then walked toward the kitchen.  The body drug behind him, sailing smooth, then banging clumsily over the threshold, like tires crossing a speed bump.

Tom Broxton went to the counter, thumbed through the knives snuggled in their wooded sheathes, selected the butcher, and headed back to the living room.  At the window he parted the shades to see the numerous police cars and emergency vehicles.  The black SWAT van hand joined the group since he last checked.

They had the house surrounded.  After hours of being one step ahead, Tom Broxton was finally out of time.  It wouldn’t be long now until they made their move.  It wouldn’t be long until they stormed the small house from all directions, pulled the triggers of their machine guns, and sliced Tom Broxton into a million pieces.  There was no way out, nowhere to hide.  Tom Broxton placed the butcher knife against the dead man’s wrist and began to saw anyway.

That’s close to the end of our story.

Tom’s right, in just minutes the SWAT team will storm the house.




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