I See a Man


I see a man and he sees me,

“What is that you want to be?”

He asks me over our noon tea,

the sea outside, far as I can see.


An instant thought, blank in my head,

memories fly but cannot be read.

“No worry of where my feet do tread?”

A crooked smile steals his bread.


He looks out to the sea,

eats his bread, and sips his tea.

His hands are old and point at me.

“Boy, is that all you aspire to be?”


I think a minute, maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe I’m weak, not very strong.

Chances in life don’t last very long.

“Maybe a wife to sing along?”


He chews his bread and smiles at me.

He taps the table and watches the sea.

“Dear boy, is that what you are to be?”

“A house, a wife, a family of three?”


I scratch my head and look at the sea.

Is that what I really want for me?

“Maybe to write, dream, and just be free,

walks in the sun and naps under the tree?”


He wipes his mouth and with it his smile.

“No boy, I don’t think that’s nearly your style.”

“Think long and hard, give it awhile.”

He picks up the cup and sips from the vial.


I watch the sea and he watches me.

What is it this man wants me to be?

He has no joy, no light, no glee.

He is dark from life, an absentee.


“I know what you want, I can make you a deal.”

His words are like music, something surreal.

“For a taste of your soul and the cost of this meal,

the world will be yours with all of my zeal.”


I smile at him and put a coin on the table,

thinking slowly and digesting his fable.

“Fine. For all of the world to put in my stable,

for riches and power, take my soul if you’re able.”


The man puts his hand on my chest,

sucking my life and taking my best.

My soul is gone, my will, my crest.

My mind is empty as is the rest.


I see a man and he sees me.

“What is that you want to be?”

This time it is to clear to see.

“I want to win and conquer only for me.”




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