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Dear Reader,


          I knew it had been awhile, but it wasn't until I looked at the previous newsletter that I realized it's been almost a year since I've written one.  There's a very easy explanation for thatóI didn't have anything to say.  I chose to spare you any meaningless drivel.  A choice I know you appreciate.  But now I do have some things to talk about, so here goes.

          Iíll be at Illinois State University on Tuesday September 23, 2:00, on the main floor of Milner Library, for a discussion of publishing and a book signing.  I spent two years of my life at ISU and Iím quite excited to go back as someone who could potentially help a future writer.  Iíve probably spent ten times more time learning this business than actually writing.  I hope my experience can save a young writer at least a fraction of the time Iíve lost to the business part of fiction.  If youíre in the Bloomington-Normal area on Tuesday, stop in and say hello.

          Iím excited to announce that The Janitor will be re-released under my newly formed publishing company Number Eight Publishing.  (Those of you that know me and my loved ones, can figure out why ďnumber eight.Ē)  To skip all the boring business aspects, this means for you that a newer, smaller, great deal cheaper, version of The Janitor will be available.  It means for me the book will be in more stores and more accessible.  Iíll let you know when a concrete date is set.

          A year ago, a complete stranger ended up buying The Janitor as a gift for her sister.  It was at Pages For All Ages in Savoy, IL.  The kind lady deliberated for at least ten minutesóunsure if Romanís story was her sisterís cup of tea.  She mentioned that her sister was a writer as well.  Fast-forward six months.  Her sister, Terry Motycka (who resides in Michigan), is now re-editing The Janitor for me.  What are the chances?  Itís hard for me not to think there are forces beyond human at work when something like this happens.  Terry is a very fine writer, has a meticulous style that is pleasing to the eye and mind.  Check out her website when you get a chance and tell her I sent you.

          I released The Janitor audio book as an MP3 download free from  The fist night it was released there was a site crash because so many people tried to download it.  Three weeks later the number is closing in on a thousand.  Thereís a great segment of the population that would never know The Janitor if not for it being an audio book.  Iím excited for the word-of-mouth buzz this has the potential to create.  I had great fun recording the book.  There were several times that I burst into laughter at the thought of sitting alone in my house and talking out loud.  And while Iím not a trained actor or voice guy, I can tell you that I did my best.  I can tell you there are a great deal of characters in the story that are not easy to voice, but they all came from the heart.  They are all presented the way that I saw them when I first wrote the story.  I hope you have a chance to check out or tell a friend.

          Probably my most popular story, Unlocked Tomb, still continues to have great readership from around the globe.  Iíve been receiving a constant barrage of emails from students and their teacher from an English class in Puerto Rico.  They are having a discussion and debate on the story.  I canít tell you how fulfilled that makes me feel.

          Since I set out on the business end of this journey it has always been my goal to make Roman Swivel a household name.  I believe that the goal is just the right eyes or right ears away from happening.  I believe it could happen tomorrow.  And once it does, I hope youíre ready for onslaught of my mind in print.

          Thanks for your time.



Happy reading or listening,