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Dear Reader,


          There is much to talk about.  I will try my best to be brief.

          I will be signing books once again at the Waldenbooks in The Village Mall located in Danville, Illinois at 1:00 this coming Saturday December 1.  I thought it was a little over-kill myself, but the manager thought it was a good idea.  Maybe she just likes my sparkling personality.  So if you havenít gotten enough of me, come out and say hello.  You can get some free mini-Snickers out of me if nothing else.  And Snickers are the best candy bars in the world.

          The Janitor got a five-heart review from Crystal Adkins.  It is very thoughtful and well written.  A special thanks to her.  You can view her reviews on her website or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

          Iíve had several inquiries about the audio book competition for The Janitor, but still need several spots filled.  There are some difficult voices to speak, including Carl Stumot and Agent Johnson.  I also need younger voices for some of the teenage characters.  If you know of anyone who would be a good fit feel free to pass this on to themódrama clubs come to mind.

          My next novel, Feel No Pain, is going quite well.  If you remember, it starts at the end and goes to the beginning.  I had to break down and map out a timeline for this one.  I feel when I write, that a timeline constrains the story a bit, but without it I would be lost, as am I writing the story just as how you will read itóbackwards.  This is a dark oneónot quite the happy days of Roman Swivel at Collingston High School.  But weíve all had our bad days, times when weíve wished we had a missile launcher on the top of our vehicle so we could vaporize the guy in front of us, who is coasting at 20 mph.  Ultimately, this is about a guy who snaps after a day that doesnít go right for him.  On a basic level, I think everyone will be able to relate.  It takes place in Collingston.  The Tavern is in it.  Carl Stumot is mentioned.

          Iím also writing two short stories.  High Wireóletís just say it has to with very high places that you donít want to be in (my hands started to sweat as I wrote that).  And Planet 3Bóan exploration of a deserted alien planet by one scientist, set in the future.

          I was a bit worried about The Janitor download sales until I discovered that my publisherís site was malfunctioning.  Who knows how long it was down (months), and how many sales I lost.  So I decided to just run the sales myself.  Everything is working now; you can buy both the book and ebook through my site.

          I've been doing a lot of reading lately.  I just finished For One More Day by Mitch Albom.  This should be required reading for all teenage sons, and moms might like it too.  I'm currently reading Cormac McCarthy's No Country For Old Men (I always, always read the book first).  McCarthy is a strange cat--he refuses to use quotation marks and most commas.  But it is very good, and maybe some of it is attributed to the way he writes.  A good non-fiction book that's knocking my socks off right now is Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Lowen.  It goes through and corrects every wrong thing you ever learned from a history text.  It's a great read for anybody who is interested in U.S. history.  Lowen also just happens to be from Decatur, Illinois.  If you've read all my stuff (wink, wink), then you have my permission to proceed with any of these.

          I think thatís it.  Have a good one.  Hope to see you soon.



Happy reading,