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Dear reader,


            I have lots to talk about, so Iíll just get to it.

            If you live in or are visiting the Central Illinois area in the next week, you can catch me at two different book signings.  On this coming Saturday Nov. 3, Iíll be at Walden Books in the Village mall, starting at 1:00pm.  Saturday Nov. 10 Iíll be at Pages For All Ages in Savoy, IL (just south of Champaign) from 2-5pm.  If youíre in the area and have a spare minute stop in and say hello.

            I was in Mansfield, Indiana recently for the Covered Bridge Festival.  It was a very fine experience, as I met a great deal of wonderful people from all over the world.  A special thanks to Bill Osmon who set me up down there.  The people and culture were so vibrant and amazing that I am writing a non-fiction story about them in my blog.  I hope to have it up later this week.  I also sold all but three books, which is nice.

            I have decided to put The Janitor on audio CD.  It is inexpensive to do and a lot of people have requested it.  I always thought only people that read listen to audio books, but Iím finding itís quite the opposite.  To tie things into a marketing strategy, there will be a contest to be one of the characters in the novel.  If there was one character while reading, that you thought you could play from a script, hereís your shot.  Pick out any page from The Janitor, record your part and email it to me.  You can get more details by emailing me.  Iíve noticed in my stat counter that a lot of people from Japan have been visiting my audio book page.  Not sure if thatís going to work out or not.

            Jennifer Brown was nice enough to review The Janitor, and post it on her site.  It was very well written, and I greatly appreciate it.  Visit her site sometime.

            The first draft of my new short story Would You Rather is up on  It is a scary, fast-paced, quick read.  It is only half as long as my other short story Unlocked Tomb.  And while it is not necessarily gory, it does not have a happy ending.  Just warning you ahead of time.  Iím not sure what I even think about it.  Weird is the word that comes to mind.  I donít think of myself as a horror buff, but this story just got in my head and wouldnít leave.  If anything else, itís filled with irony and suspense.  Iíd like to hear your thoughts on it.

            Feel No Pain, my next novel, will be getting into full swing this coming week.  Iíve resigned myself to the fact that even if I am not a best selling novelist I can still write.  Best selling novelists wake up in the morning, go in their den and shut the door, and come out four to eight hours later.  I wake up, feed and take care of kids, clean house, organize baseball teams, and bartend.  My writing just takes place at a different time, I guess and with way less money, lol.  I probably would have five novels under my belt if it werenít for that guilt complex of writing during the day.  My imagination works better at night anyway.  I hope to have Feel No Pain online by the end of January.  I will probably post the rough draft chapters online as I finish them.  This one starts at the end and goes backwardsÖso weíll seeÖespecially with only two to four hours a night of late night writing.

            After the audio book of The Janitor is finished there really is no more for me to do with it.  Iíve spent more time marketing and promoting it than I have writing it.  I believe Iíve done everything humanly possible to get it out there in the world within my budget.  Itís sad, the story has become such a part of my life, itís like saying goodbye to a brother.  But itís time to move on.  I have several other ideas banging around in my headóFeel No Pain of course, a few short stories, another novel titled The Last American, a novel dealing with the missing Dr. Sebastian Jesup from The Janitor, a novel dealing with another cast of characters that are involved with the NN, a novel titled The Blood of Christ, and last but probably most exciting, on the far, far horizon a story called Finding Roman Swivel.

            Thanks for listening.  Hope to see you soon.


Happy reading,