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Dear Reader,

          Iíve been told that if I want to be a successful author, I should have a newsletter to my readers.  I was reluctant at first, but remembered how powerful word of mouth and the Internet can be, how youíre supposedly only six people away from knowing everyone in the world, and so, here we are.  You are receiving this email because you either have at one point shown interest in my writing and work, or you are a friend/relative of mine in which case this is forced upon you.  In either circumstance you can be rid of me by hitting the delete key in your inbox and replying to this email with the words ďunsubscribeĒ in the subject.

          My first novel, The Janitor is finally making it into the main stream.  It was released in paperback in February and in the last two months has made its way into bookstores and online mediums such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Pretty much any bookstore in the world can now offer it.  If your favorite store doesnít have it on the shelves, please ask that they order it.  Theyíll ask for the ISBN. Give them this: 0615153801.  You can still read the first six chapters for free or download the entire novel off my website.

          Sales have been increasing every month it seems.  They are hard to track since so many different venues offer The Janitor, but that is a good thing I guess.  Iím super close to the tipping point, of busting through and being able to write full time.  It just takes time and more than anything patience.

          Several people Iíve met online are reviewing The Janitor.  There is nothing better for readership than a few good reviews from ordinary folks.  The days are gone of having some bigwig review your book.  The Internet has brought the power to the people so to speak, considering Amazon drives about 90% of the book sales in the United States.  If you have an account on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, have read The Janitor, and can spare 3 minutes to write a quick review, youíd be doing me a great service.  Thanks in advance!

          Somewhat of a book tour is forming.  Iíll be in Mansfield, IN for the Covered Bridge Festival, Oct. 12-21;Walden Books in Danville, IL, Nov. 3; Illinois State University for National Library Week, next April.  Several more dates are being hammered out, mostly in Central Illinois and Indiana, but Iím crazy enough to go anywhere.  If you want to see my ugly mug in the flesh, have your favorite bookstore manager get a hold of me.  If they want my phone number let me know, otherwise they can email me.

          Thereís a new poem on the website entitled Relentless.  It can be applied to a whole spectrum of things so Iím not going to tell you what I think itís about.  I donít consider myself a poet, but sometimes I have an idea that just wonít grow into a story, so it ends up in the purgatory of poetry.  Poor idea.

          Would You Rather, my new short story should be on the website by Oct.1.  Itís a horror story that will hopefully scare the poo out of some folks.  If youíre prone to nightmares, like happy endings, or are allergic to raccoons, you might want to steer clear of this one.

          I hope to have Feel No Pain (new novel) done by January sometime.  This one is begging to be let out, and Iím afraid if I donít set it free on paper, Iíll lose it forever.  Itís about a guy named Tom Broxton who has a real disease called CIPA or Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis.  Iím not going to give up much here, but just think, I guy who canít feel pain, might be really hard to stop.  Also this one is going to start at the end and work itself to the beginning, one chapter at a time.  The challenge for me with this is writing it in three months.  The Janitor was basically written a little bit at a time over four years.  Iíll have to condition myself to write everyday for several hours (probably in the late night/early morning).  Pray that my brain is up to it.  This will be free on the website until it gets published.

          A special thanks to my wife, Jamie, who lets me stay around, and gets behind every hair-brained idea I ever come up with, regardless of what she really thinks of it.  And finally, I wish to thank you.  Whether you know it or not, your support has helped get me this far.


Happy reading,