I will win

Not for talent

Time nips at the heels,

Always near, constant pushing

I will win

Not for assurance

Mountains of odds loom in front

Dark, uncaring, unmoving, statues of doubt

I will win

Not for fear

Failure racks up in shelves following beside

Cluttered, overflowing, heavy, nagging weight

I will win

Not for hope

Clouds on the horizon, forecast for defeat,

Purple and fluffy, laughing, pointing, a barrier permanent




 not now

 not then

Not ever, they shout

Silence, pause,


And then continue

I will win

For I will not stop





Blood on my hands
Your Blood
I canít take it with me
yet it runs in my veins
With all of my powers
and all of my mind
I can fit the pieces
but there is no breath, no life
I hold you on the steps
next to the foundation, ironic
Slip into the warm night
then silence
You are gone


Author's note:  You can read the story behind Blood on the message board.  Click here.




Beautiful, but they never let you smile,

Pearls and champagne sparkle with style,

Top of the world, burned in our mind,

Perfect face somehow never hard to find,

Slick feel of your pages and bright dots bring life,

Heroine, superwoman, my left hand's wife,

Luminous beams are we the green man said

Love hard, live hard, lay hard 'til were dead

You are a thousand different pictures,

Hot, sizzle, never any blurs,

Are you just a profile?

I want to see you smile.





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