Mr. Decker
I am a 55 year old woman and I felt compelled to write to you about your
book The Janitor. You are the only author/celebrity I have ever written. I
have read every book by Stephen King, Dean Koontz and many others. I say
celebrity because I think you will be one if not one already. You are just
as good or better in my opinion than these two authors. I read between 19 to
25 hours a week. I saw this book online and started reading it and would not
put it down until I was done.  (Could there
be a sequel here)? I have every confidence your book will sell very well. I
am telling every one I know to read it. I queried your name at our local
library and they do not have any books by you but I will request they stock
your writings. Thank you for writing a wonderful novel.
Trish --Ames, Iowa




Hello Adam ....I've just finished reading "The Janitor" in 24 hours straight.   Yep.   1pm yesterday through to 1pm today (August 10, NZ time).   I'm like that.   Tend to swallow a book whole in one reading and live in circumstances to allow that when the mood comes on me.   I did take a break for dinner, fed my cat, and watched a couple of hours of TV and ate breakfast this morning.

Enjoyed the novel very much.   There are a few places where suspension of disbelief is required (Or is it suspension of belief ?  I've never managed to figure which is the most logical).   But heck - it's an adventure story!

You've already noted that other pedants have pointed out grammatical and spelling errors - so I'll desist and a good editor will put you right anyway.  I didn't mind the two voices, I've read other work with more than one voice and I think it has worked well in this case.  

I enjoyed the way you fleshed out all the characters - even the one's with very short appearances - and in spite of your not being female nor having read any romance novels, your women characters were very well drawn and the love scenes tender, realistic and hilarious.   Most of all - you kept me guessing all the way through, which was why, at 3am this morning, I decided I would tough it out and keep on reading until I got to the end.

Thank you for an enjoyable read.   Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,




Dear Adam,


My name is Susana Hernández and am writing from Jávea in Spain.  I have just finished reading The Janitor and wanted to say that it was absolutely fabulous, I loved every minute of it and must confess that a couple of tears did fall from my eyes whilst reading.  Thank you for writing such a wonderful story and I would really appreciate it if you could tell me of other novels written by you and where I can read them.  I would be really greatful.


Thank you again and keep up the good work!!







The janitor is an absolutely amazing story. All the characters are really cool specially those of Roman & Heather. They were portrayed to have the perfect relationship anybody would ever want in life. The end of the story I can say, is really touching. But the end just proves that Roman is alive. I simply loved the story. I really hope you write some more such stories. Even though it was fiction, I immersed myself so much into the story, that at times I thought it to be real. Hats off to you pal !! Looking forward to more such work from you in the future.



Juie Merchant        India

It was so detailed I had a mental picture of
each character, the baseball field, the teacher's house... it wa slike
everything was laid out right in front of me.  I got lost in the story at
points forgetting that i was really sitting in my desk chair in a crowded
office building.  Thank you for taking me away from my everyday stresses
of life into your world!! If I had found this book on a shelf in a store,
I would gladly have paid money to read it!!  I admire you for the amount
of time and work that you must have put into writing this - thank you for
sharing!! ~ Evan—San Diego, California


Dear Adam,


I have just completed reading your novel online – The Janitor and I would like to say to you that I found it a very interesting story to read – very imaginative, thought provocative and simply fun to read as well. I am Australian and read many books in my spare time. I am very fussy about what I read – I totally agree with your friend that your story is better than the Da Vince Code. Believe what she said to you because I thought the exact same thing to myself – your friend is not being biased or just saying that to make you feel better – it is true in my eyes – a total stranger on the other side of the world. J   I bought the Da Vinci Code because it had so many rave reviews that I just had to read it for myself – I wish I didn’t bother – it was so disappointing and not even worth the money that I paid for it – I enjoyed reading The Janitor 10 times better! 

 Best of luck with it all and keep writing!


Kind regards,





I loved it. Would love to read more like it if you have any. I couldn't wait to get back to it when I would have to take a break from it.

You are very good. Keep up the good writing…..


Sherrie        Atlanta, Georgia


Number 1 you no alot about life i had to read it all in 2 days iam blind and and use a screen reader calld jaws iam not a good speller but i don't think you care…keep up the good work.

Fred          Nashua, New Hampshire



 Thank you so much to offer us such a cherishable novel via internet. I have JUST been reading it in my office. For I am one of ordinary Chinese youth who serve in foreign compamies. Being paid a low salary, most of the best novels are beyond my financial reach.
     Anyhow, I am so Lucky to have your totally free novel to improve my reading of English----- say, you are one of the angels sent from the Heaven by God! Like children praying around the roasted turkey on thanks giving day, I would like to thank you!
  your Standfast reader: Jefeusía Young
From: Suzhou, China.



Just finished reading the chapters you have online of The Janitor.  I have to say, this has been the most wonderful experience.  You write in such a way, I feel I am right there experiencing everything your characters are experiencing. Thanks again for sharing this delightful ongoing story.











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