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I am a man.  A citizen of the earth,  North America, the United States, Illinois, Vermilion County, and the city of Danville.  I am a husband and lover, married to my best friend, the girl I chased in high school, the woman I fell in love with..   I am a father, a protector and mentor, a nurturer and teacher, to the most three most important people in my life. I am a half-brother.  I am a cousin.  I am a friend, have hundreds of them, consider them family, can never have enough of them.  I am a coach, responsible for the mental and physical development of troops that do combat on a diamond of dirt.  I am a writer.  I am a thinker.  I wish to change the world.  I am not perfect.  I am a man...

...Adam Decker was born in 1976 in Danville Illinois to parents Ernest and Kathy Decker.  He attended Danville Lutheran School from 1981 to 1990 and was the Valedictorian and Best Boy Citizen of his eighth grade class.  Adam attended Schlarman High School for two years before transferring to Danville High School where he graduated in the top ten percent of his class and enjoyed a successful baseball career as a pitcher.  Adam earned an Associate of Science degree from Danville Area Community College in 1996 and attended Illinois State University  for the following two years.  Adam graduated with a Liberal Arts Bachelor Degree from Eastern Illinois University in 2010 and will receive his Master Degree in 2011.

     In 1998 Adam was hired as the assistant baseball coach at Danville Area Community College.  Since 1998 he has also coached various levels and teams, among them: Danville Post 210 senior and junior teams, Danville High School junior varsity,  Danville Dodgers 13 and under, and St. Paul's middle school.  Teams that Adam has been a part of  have won a college regional, numerous  legion districts and divisions,  three third place finishes in the legion state tournament, a pony league world championship, and a junior state legion championship.  Adam also owned an indoor practice facility called The Player Factory.  He continues to be involved in baseball twelve months out of the year.

      In 2000 Adam married his long time high school sweetheart and best friend Jamie Smalley.  Jamie works as a Registered Nurse locally.  Adam and Jamie are blessed with  two beautiful children.

    Adam dabbled with writing short stories and plays throughout childhood and adolescence.  He began writing seriously in 2001 and finished his first novel, The Janitor, in 2005.  He currently has plans for several upcoming novels and numerous short stories.  The Janitor has had unprecedented success offered as a paperback, ebook, and audio download,  reaching six continents, twenty countries, and tens of thousands of people.

     Besides writing and coaching Adam has several entrepreneurial escapades.  He is the owner and webmaster of several websites, including,, and  .  Adam's work is currently published by Number Eight Publishing.

For more about Adam you can visit his myspace page or facebook page.